Veterinary Technician

Kenda graduated from the Veterinary Technician Program at The Medical Institute of Minnesota (now Arogosy University) in 1990. With 25 year of experience under her belt we are proud she is a part of our team! She joined Pet Nation in 2011 and loves to see the clinic grow and succeed. She is a key communicator for our clinic and is routinely discussing patient progress with pet owners and reporting her findings back to the appropriate veterinarian. Kenda plays a major role in helping our practice closely monitor our dental equipment and OSHA regulation standards. Kenda excels at safely but calmly restraining pets using so the doctors can deliver a full evaluation, which can be a challenge when we are assessing a nervous puppy or kitten!

Kenda became a veterinary technician because she loves interacting with clients and being able to help animals feel better. Although she has no pets of her own right now, Kenda loves to pet sit!