Dental Cleaning

Dental Month Every Month!

We are offering $50 off a dental cleaning that’s performed within 3 months of your pet’s annual exam and annual wellness profile blood work.

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Dental Cleaning…. because NOBODY likes doggy & kitty halitosis!

Have you noticed that your pet’s breath is bad? Do you actually push him away from your face because of the smell?

Is your pet sensitive around the face or muzzle?

If you lift the side of your pet’s lips, do you see pearly white teeth and normal pink gums, or brownish yellowish tartar and red, swollen gums?

We want everybody to be happy to share some serious face time with your pet!

At Pet Nation Veterinary Care Center we are now offering $50 off your pet’s dental cleaning*

Your pet will be placed under general anesthesia to make the dental cleaning less frightening. While under anesthesia, your pet will be attached to a monitor just like those in a human hospital.

One of our certified technicians (Lynn, Abbey, or Kenda) will ultrasonically scale and polish your pet’s teeth.

Your doctor will then evaluate the teeth for periodontal disease. This includes taking digital dental x-rays if necessary.

If extractions are needed, we can do it on the spot using our high-speed drill. (It’s similar to the one your dentist uses.)

Your pet will wake up on a warming pad surrounded by soft, fluffy blankets.

We will monitor your pet throughout the afternoon to make sure the recovery is going well.

Your pet goes home the same day with clean teeth and fresh breath!

Make your pet’s dental cleaning appointment today by calling 763-497-2075

* A comprehensive exam and pre-anesthetic blood work is required within 3 months of the procedure. We want to make sure that your pet is healthy prior to being anesthetized!

Nice & White - All Cleaned!

Nice & White – All Cleaned!

Before Dental Cleaning

Before Dental Cleaning